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  • A Former esports Pro’s Take on Shutting Down Harassment in a Competitive Environment

    When you’re in the heat of the competition, harassment is the last thing you want to get in your way. Here’s a fresh take on how to deal with harassment in a competitive environment. The following is an excerpt from a chat I had with CLG’s Director of Team Operations: Summer Scott. You can watch … Read more

  • What Virtual Teams Should Learn From Online Gaming Squads

    Effective teamwork is a science — it takes more than a few able and willing people getting together to collaborate. Let’s dive into the science of teamwork — turns out lots of gamers already cracked it. Our workplaces are changing — and COVID put those changes in the limelight, accelerating changes that futurists have been … Read more

  • It’s Time We Normalize Digital Citizenship

    Why I founded a Digital Citizenship company — and how this concept can change our world. Citizenship is a concept that has been discussed as far back as Ancient Rome — and has three main dimensions. The first is the legal status of being a citizen, which is defined by rights, where the citizen is a … Read more

  • Parents Need to Start Taking Cyberbullying Seriously, According to Latest Research

    Cyberbullying can be hard to understand, and even harder to detect — but scientists suggest there are lasting social and emotional effects. A little while ago I wrote about the definition of cyberbullying — you can read about it here. Since then, I’ve received some great feedback from people who didn’t know about cyberbullying, or didn’t … Read more